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"Pensionering verbetert de vitaliteit, doorwerken is een ander verhaal"

'Wat gebeurt er met de vitaliteit van oudere werknemers als ze langer doorwerken of met pensioen gaan? En verschilt dit naar het soort werk dat men verricht? Nieuw onderzoek laat zien dat pensionering werknemers vitaler maakt, maar doorwerken leidt vooral onder werknemers die handarbeid verrichten tot een achteruitgang.'
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Bron: Demos/Nederlands Interuniversitair Demografisch Instituut


Otium cum dignitate

"Reshuffling chaos"

Graduation of Mortality
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Mortality tables are usually graduated for either practical or scientific purposes. The formulae, in which the mortality is expressed as a function of x (= age) are often of the type (Makeham's law):
   mx = A + B.cx (force of mortality)
with A, B and c as parameters. Finding the values of those parameters from the crude material is the hard part.
King-Hardy's method is a suitable way to transform this power function into a linear equation system; it is solved here by way of a least square K-runtime function.
See also E.Zwinggi - Versicherungsmathematik
When invoked, one will find four controls in the bottom part. The first two controls act like a spinbox, the two right most controls simulate the Windows-locator. The challenge is to find as large as possible ranges for making the "law" valid.
Later, famous methods came from Th.N. Thiele, published posthumously in 1910, and recent approaches and remarks can be found in W.J. Willemse

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